In modern day life, we often forget to take the time to nourish our body and mind. Living in a concrete jungle has its own
downside including pollution, noise, stressful work environment and much more. That is where Abhyangasnan comes into
the picture.According to Sanskrit terminology Abhyanga (Abhi +Anga) means glowing body and Snan is bath. The weekly
practice of Abhyangasnan with massage improves health and longevity.


Your body is your temple, and in every case, it should not be polluted in any way possible. Your body is your driving force and strength and keeping it clean and healthy not only from the inside but from the outside shall always be on your top priority list. However, due to the busy schedule and time crunches it becomes hard to dedicate your time for self-care. Hence, after learning all these difficulties we at Abhyangasnan have introduced an exclusive personal car kit that includes a host of elements that are essential to nourish your body.

The kit includes
Hydrating Massage Oil

Sesame oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which are highly antioxidants & promotes softness.

Fragrant Bath Oil:

This bath oil helps the body to easily absorb the oil and retain the moisture from every drop of bathwater.

Handmade Soap:

This soap contains Zero Animal Fats & is absolutely pure and natural.

Purifying Body Scrub:

The natural body scrub, Ubtan, is made by powdering therapeutic herbs together which is also, an excellent exfoliate that preventsdry skin.

Every occasion is celebrated with a certain motive as each festivity holds a specific significance which is backed by a certain belief and hope. However, most of the time during such occasions it becomes difficult to decide what to gift especially for those in the corporate sector. The Diwali festival is widely known as a festival of lights and the festival that unfolds prosperity by celebrating a new beginning. In order to share the same emotion through a gift, Abhyangsnan can be your perfect gifting option during the festival of lights. The Abhyangsnan Corporate Gifting Kit is comprehensive and contains multiple elements that are totally essential to nourish your body.


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Promotes blood circulation and imparts muscle tone and vigour to the tissues.

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Softens and strengthens the skin, scalp and hair.

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Nourishes and simulates internal organs of the body.

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Releases endorphins and serotonin which boosts the immune system.

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Promotes better movement of food through the digestive track.

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Reduction in pain and tension in the body helps to get sound sleep.

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Helps in lifting, firming, and restores skins radiance while toning facial muscles.

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Increased blood circulation and endorphins promotes better supply of oxygen to the brain and body.

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